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Set of 2 Handmade Wooden Tea Coaster

Set of 2 Handmade Wooden Tea Coaster

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Protective Piece: Teapot trivet provides an amusing serving for everyone. It allows you to place hot pans and plates on tables and counters without affecting the surface. Trivets are very compulsive cooking, dining and kitchen equipment as they are protecting your costly dining table from burns and undesired stains.

Perfect Gift: Wooden trivet is ideal for any hot dishes to be the centerpiece of the table. Its perfect size and durability are suited for both indoor and outdoor entertaining and blends in with any style of decor. This stylish and convenient coaster can add style and pleasure to your kitchen. It is also a perfect Halloween, Thanksgiving, housewarming gift for those you care about, including yourself.

Convenience at Its Best: Tea pot shaped wooden trivet perfectly sits on a table. It prevents scratches from your pots, bowls, etc. The wood material is a poor conductor of heat, if you put any hot pans on them, it will always stay cool even take that pan directly from the oven. That’s why your tables or countertops are safe from high temperatures.

Material : Mango Wood with Antique Finish.

Mandatory For Every Good Home or office. Ideal for Gift on any occasion.




Color : Brown wood Polish. 1. Tea pot shaped wooden trivet is a home and kitchen accessory with both fun and creativity bonded together. It is very ageless when you consider that it is made from sturdy wood. The Mammoth Design serving platter could potentially be used for many years. 2. The Tree Shaped trivet is made of Mango Wood with Antique Finish. For this reason; products should be cleaned with a wet cloth. Wood is a living material. It must be treated with love and care.

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