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350w Foldable Electric Scooter

350w Foldable Electric Scooter

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Silver gray


Frame integrated molding

There are no exposed wires in the whole vehicle

The appearance is clean and beautiful, and the recognition is good

With safety warning atmosphere lamp

Strong power with a peak of 500W and a range of up to 35km




Mankeel electric scooter adopts the high-end simple design of Porsche, the main frame is aviation grade aluminum alloy, and the whole car has no exposed wires, which is domineering and cool. The low-key gray black color matching with the red side lamp is quite fashionable, and the high-end light luxury feeling arises spontaneously. The size of the whole vehicle is 113cm long, 58cm wide, and the net weight is only 14kg. The wide size conforms to ergonomics, which is convenient to operate and easy to use, but it can still maintain the light weight. The unique patented folding has no exposed hooks and no exposed lines. It can be folded only by rolling up the sleeve and opening the buckle. It can be quickly folded in 3 seconds. After folding, it is more than enough to be put into the trunk of the vehicle, which is more portable.


Mankeel electric scooter is equipped with 10 inch front and rear pneumatic tires, wear-resistant and anti-skid wheel surfaces, good grip ability, strong obstacle passing ability and effective shock absorption. Integrated die casting, effectively protecting the internal brushless motor. It is worth mentioning that mankeel electric scooter adopts electronic brake + disc brake dual brake design, supplemented by E-ABS anti lock system, imported disc brake and disc brake, with better brake performance. At the beginning of playing electric scooter, I was still a little afraid. I was worried about what to do if I suddenly ran out? Similar to many electric scooters, mankeel electric scooters adopt a non-zero start mode. It needs to manually assist in sliding to a certain initial speed, and then the right thumb can push the knob downward to accelerate. This effectively avoids the sudden acceleration of the vehicle, which causes the center of gravity to be unstable and falls. The maximum speed can reach 25km / h


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