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18 inch Loud Car Subwoofer 2500 Watt

18 inch Loud Car Subwoofer 2500 Watt

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Elevate your sound with our 18 inch subwoofer Sub Woofer

If you are looking to upgrade your audio equipment; our 18 inch subwoofer DJ Speaker is the perfect solution. Whether you are a DJ; musician; or audiophile; our dj speakers with subwoofer will boost the bass; enhance overall sound; and take the performance to the next level.

5 Core 18 inch subwoofer is designed with the latest audio technology and made with premium material. The speaker woofer is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. The subwoofer is also built to last. The dj speakers with subwoofer is durable and designed to handle high volumes and bass levels without distortion.

Let's explore some of the characteristics of premium 18 inch 
sub woofer bass below:

18 inch subwoofer characteristics
Full Range Sub woofer bass Speakers with Aluminum Frames. Cotton edge pressed paper cone prepared for the crisp and soothing sound with dust cap.

Hi-tensile forged low carbon Metal T-yoke and washers with approved Y-30 Ferrite magnet. Voice coil with high-quality precision copper wires & aluminum heat sink.

Highly flexible spiders/dampers are used in 18 inch subwoofer for accurate cone movement. Sturdy and rugged look for professional use.

High power handling capacity.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor PA Applications.


18 inch subwoofer Peak Power: 2500 Watts. Power Usable freq. range: 30 Hz ~ 1 kHz
18 inch speakers has Reinforced Ultra Stiff Paper Composite Cone. Dual Nickel Plated Banana Plug Terminals.
Pulp Composite Dust Can. Full Range Speakers - Aluminum Black.

Technical Specifications of DJ Speakers with SubWoofer/18 subwoofer :

*Frame: Aluminum;
*Cone: Paper Cone Cloth Edge;
*Impedance: 8 ohms
*RMS Power: 600W
*PMPO: 2500W
*Magnet: 190X90X20;
*Voice Coil Size: 4 Inch (In/Out) Coil.


USP of 18 inch speakers Sub Woofer:

*Till paper heat sinks for proper heat dissipation and voltage sustainability.
*A high-grade adhesive is used in the assembly of the Speaker.
*Best quality lead-free solder for a strong connection.
*Metallic terminals are aligned with proper polarity symbols for connection.


Our DJ Speaker Sub Woofer is the ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio equipment. Whether you are a professional DJ or musician; our speaker woofer will help you elevate your music and give you true excellence.

**We have a diverse range of Speaker for DJ. Remember to check them out!

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