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14" Lightweight Foldable Electric 350W Electric Bike

14" Lightweight Foldable Electric 350W Electric Bike

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Product details AOSTIRMOTOR M20 Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery; City eBike with Pedals & Swappable 36V Battery; 14" Wheels; 350W Motor; Built-in Carry Handle; Arrives Mostly Pre-Assembled (White) Out of the combination of sports and technology; fashion and quality; we have launched this M20-16 inch foldable electric bike.Reinforced with premium craftsmanship; a powerful motor; upgraded fold-and-lock mechanism; and a long-lasting removable battery; the M20 takes your everyday commute from tedious to terrific. More fun. Less hassle. In other words - better.


[✔High performance] 350W 36V Motor -The highest speed can reach up to 35km/h speed and max 25 degree gradient. Removable Lithium Battery - The removable 7.5Ah/36V lithium battery for 25-35km with moped mode.


[✔Folding Design ]The electric bicycles are quick folding; and easy to operate and storage. The max payload is 200LB. 14 inch aluminum alloy integrated tire; more powerful grip. Front fork shock absorption and middle shock absorption; magnesium alloy body more lightweight.


[✔3 Working Modes ]you can choose pure electricity mode and moped mode or pedal model. Adjustable heights of saddle and handlebar for different heights of people to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride. Fits for teenagers and adults.


[✔Guarantee for 365 days] Add to cart! You deserve it! We provide quality customer service; and customer satisfaction is our pursuit. If you encounter any problems after receiving the product; please contact us via e-mail in time; and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


[✔Pre-Assembled - M20] is ready to go as soon as it's delivered. No complicated assembly. In minutes; you'll be ready to hop on; power up; and ride. Technical Specs: Body Weight: 19 kg Maximum Load: 200LB Maximum Speed: 35 km Maximum Mileage: 25-35 km Standard Voltage: 36 v Battery type: lithium battery Battery Capacity: 36v 7.5Ah Display: Multi-function LCD screen Tires: Pneumatic tires Folding Size: 60*60cm Expanded Size: 138*110cm


Aostirmotor 14寸电动自行车;  350W 7.5Ah/36V电动自行车;  轻型成人折叠电动自行车(白色)可拆卸锂电池-10Aostirmotor 14寸电动自行车;  350W 7.5Ah/36V电动自行车;  轻型成人折叠电动自行车(白色)可拆卸锂电池-11Aostirmotor 14寸电动自行车;  350W 7.5Ah/36V电动自行车;  轻型成人折叠电动自行车(白色)可拆卸锂电池-12Aostirmotor 14寸电动自行车;  350W 7.5Ah/36V电动自行车;  轻型成人折叠电动自行车(白色)可拆卸锂电池-13Aostirmotor 14寸电动自行车;  350W 7.5Ah/36V电动自行车;  轻型成人折叠电动自行车(白色)可拆卸锂电池-14Aostirmotor 14寸电动自行车;  350W 7.5Ah/36V电动自行车;  轻型成人折叠电动自行车(白色)可拆卸锂电池-15Aostirmotor 14寸电动自行车;  350W 7.5Ah/36V电动自行车;  轻型成人折叠电动自行车(白色)可拆卸锂电池-16Aostirmotor 14寸电动自行车;  350W 7.5Ah/36V电动自行车;  轻型成人折叠电动自行车(白色)可拆卸锂电池-17
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